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Peak and Northern Footpaths Society
One of the wonderful cast metal signposts of the Peak and Northern Footpaths Society that can be found all over the Peak

The entire walk totals 83 miles, broken down into 8 separate stages, each between 8 and 13 miles in length. Each stage is designed to allow it to be undertaken as a day walk, using public transport to return to the start, although Winter bus schedules and frequent changes to rural bus services can affect the ability to do this. Of course, you can do the walk in one go, there being plenty of accommodation options close to the route. The final stage onto Bleaklow is necessarily circular, as it’s the only way to return to your starting point, barring the use of a helicopter! Much of the southern section of the walk is in, or close to, the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site, whilst the northern section lies within the Peak District National Park.

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